The Skull

Getting Started with The Skull 💀

What you'll need

You probably want to take a look at the firmware source code before starting to hack on this.
You may also find the ATtiny45 datasheet handy.

Remember: you should solve all the steps without any electrical connection to the skull's brain (the ATtiny45 chip)!

Sanity check

You'll definitely need a sanity check after dwelving into this riddle. But before you get started, let's just double-check that The Skull is working as intended. Touch the small grill at the back of its head. As long as you keep touching it (and sometimes a few seconds after), both eyes should blink rapidly:

The Skull

Step 1 - Hypnosis

Get the right eye to rapidly blink 3 times exactly, as shown below:

The Skull

Step 2 - Capture the Flag!

Uncover the secret hidden inside the skull's brain!

Step 3 - Mind Control

Free the lost soul! Hack into its brain and help it meditate by slowly fading its eyes:

The Skull

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